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Basics of Coaching a Junior Football Team

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There is more than to blowing up the whistle, organising the team sheet and preparing the car filled with footballs when it comes to coaching a team of young football players. Football has become more popular than any other sports lately, and the young ones have started their own little league, forming various junior football team inspired by the iconic teams they look up to. But these teams will not do without an experienced, professional coach.

trainingshot_4e680319e0996As a coach, your first step to create a good junior football team is to make a coaching philosophy. It may sound difficult, but creating one is very simple. But living through this philosophy is proven to be difficult for most coaches. It is near impossible to guide the team without a philosophy. What you need to do is focus on the well-being of each player and their best interests; uphold the virtues of integrity, honestly, good sportsmanship and fair play; placing fun, development of skills and safety above than personal aims of winning; and promoting respect to coaches and other players in the team, including the officials. Even with the philosophy already intact and in place, you will find it hard to follow through it all the time. This is especially true when parents intervene, saying that they are only wasting their son’s lives for not winning any games lately, they have not made it halfway in the season, or why less capable players are given more practice time compared to the best players of the team. Your philosophy will be challenged all the time, so before you are entrusted with the parent’s children for coaching, discuss with them what your philosophy is. It will give them an overview about not just being a coach, but explaining yourself as a person. So you should take a lot of time thinking into your philosophy and never do it half-heartedly.

FKFK_Chelsea_SamsungYou will also need to expect the unexpected. Youngsters grow quicker than the adults, so you will have to expect changes both emotionally and physically on the young junior football teams at different age levels. It will enhance your coaching capabilities if you are a keen observer and know to adapt to situations. Expect children ages 6 and below to never played football before, and it will be their first experience to be placed into a setting of organised team. You simply need to introduce football to them and its basic elements. They are not really concerned about their future with football yet, so letting them enjoy the play is at its best. Those at the ages 7 to 9 will tend to begin focusing on practicing and mastering the basics. They will also look forward for feedbacks from their parents and coaches, too, when it comes to their performance. For those aged 10 to 12, these are children that have already experienced playing football and are continuing to do it because they have a liking to it. Make sure to encourage and emphasize teamwork amongst the junior football players, as this will increase their morale, motivation and the drive to do better for themselves and for the team.

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Rules For an Effective Junior Football Team

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football-leaders-awardIt is imperative that teams of various sports games apply team discipline. It wouldn’t be an effective gameplay and losing the game is unavoidable if one player does not follow team rules. This is why there are people who prefer single sports than team sports because of their individuality. Nevertheless in junior football, what applies to the adult’s version of football will also apply with the youth. One of the biggest challenges and fears that every football coaches face is maintaining discipline amongst the team members. Below are just brief advises on how coaches should train their youthful football team on what maintaining discipline is all about.

PBWPIXThe most important above all is planning ahead. It is the ability of the coach to organise the players of the junior football team. For new coaches, you should observe first whether the practices of the players are done in an orderly manner. If this is the case in every practice, it is obvious that the players are serious and focused on the task given to them. It is also important that you guide the players through educational and meaningful training as this will motivate every player to keep focused on your plans, respect you and pay attention to you. Coaches also choose activities for their players, so to keep your team motivated, make sure to keep your drills “entertaining”. Keep the activity levels balanced – not too easy nor too difficult for them to follow. http://www.londonfa.com/coaches Make sure that the beginning practices gets leveled up gradually or it will sprain their body from the sudden change of drills. When you know the balance and keep the activities lively, it will make the players feel that their time practicing is well worth it. Competitive activities will also make them more motivated to play at their best.

Appropriate behavior should also be imposed on the players, but you should also tell what it is really considered to be appropriate behavior. As a coach, you will be able to tell how your players look like when they are playing in the field. Before you make any assumptions, make a few practice games a sense of how they play. You can immediately tell which players are behaving inappropriately or not abiding to the game. You have the right to step in for inappropriate behavior, but you must do so in a democratic way as you might lose the trust you built up on your team. You do not want to build fear amongst your team. It will be very challenging to deal with this situation since each of it varies. If punishment is required, letting them off from a game temporarily is acceptable, not with pushups or running in laps.coaches-hero

It is also an effective method to involve the parents of the junior football players when they are needed. Younger players need guidance from the parents and their support, as it will reinforce the discipline policies you have enforced. The parents of your young team members will greatly appreciate for enlisting their support for their children.

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An Overview About Histon Hornets Junior Football Club

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cide451725f43ac11e2a135002264c280521_5235b5e088136There are quite a number of junior football clubs out there. It would be difficult to pick which one to go for especially for eager and supportive parents out there. However, there is one football club that might interest any parent – it is the Histon Hornets Football Club.

It is an F.C. specifically designed and organized for the youth. It is a fun junior football club that every child would love joining. Not only that, it is safe out there. Every boy or girl will be able to play football, have fun, and improve their skills without having to worry about their safety.

There are different reasons why Histon Hornets F.C. is a must join for all boys and girls. To give you an overview as to some of them, do read the following:

  1. Football club fitted for both girls and boys

Football is a famous sport that no one will ever dare to snub. Even most boys and girls do join in the fun and play this most loved sport. The good thing with Histon Hornets is that it is a football club fitted for both girls and boys. They can be coached and trained here in preparation for the big deal in the future.


  1. Junior football club connected with adult football club Histon F.C.

Apart from being a good junior football club it even is connected and in partnership with its adult counterpart – Histon F.C. Therefore, those who do have the potential or would came to a point they reached the adult stage – they can go for Histon F.C. be trained there.

  1. Supports disabilities football

The best part of Histon Hornets Junior Football Club is that they do supports disabilities football. This is the reason children with disabilities will be able to join in the tournament during this summer.

  1. Currently coaching approximately 300 (boys & girls)

Lastly, the football club is currently coaching more than 300 boys and girls. It means a lot of parents are entrusting their children to be coached under this F.C. For they know, every one who trains under the flagship of Histon Hornets will harness the needed skills, strategies, and fighting spirit to become the next football star and win a championship.Histon Hornets White under-9s

These are few of the things about Histon Hornets Football Club. One thing is for sure they are serious about making every boy and girl be the best they are. Letting them become a football player that they ought to be, preparing them for the big deal, which is the adult football. Who knows they will be the one of the few who will represent the country for the World Cup years from now. Isn’t that amazing?

One thing every one should keep an eye for this year – the Histon Hornets 5-a-side Tournament. This will be held during summer and a lot of teams are participating. Do watch out for it!

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Get Ready For Histon Hornets Junior Football Tournament This Summer!

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DSC09492-870x400The heat is on as Histon Hornets Football Club opens its doors for teams who want to join the tournament. Yes, that is right! This will be a great thing to join for both boys and girls who want to have a fun-filled summer, meet other players, and sweat it all out to win the game.

Last year, there were a total of 150 teams who came to participate for the tournament. It was noted that quite a number of age groups became full right after the entry was opened. It is advised that those who want submit their entries this year to do it as early as now in order to land a spot for your team.

For this year’s tournament, it will be held on July 12, 2015 (Sunday). The age group boys will be between U7s up to U13. As for the girls, age group will be around U7 to U14. The closing date for Histon Hornets Tournament will be on the 31st of May.

Here are some things you need to know with regard to the tournament and what comes along with it:

  1. Prizes and trophies will be all yours.SpartakU10JUN11SpartakTourHiRes1

You can be assured that with our tournament whatever your team gets as a prize for winning will be all yours. You will be able to keep the prize or trophy all for your team. That is a guaranteed!

  1. Raffles.

Aside from different teams playing junior football during the tournament, there will be raffles well. This is a great way of engaging the spectators (family and friends) making their time supporting a team worth the while.

  1. Rides.

Kids and the rest of the family will not only love junior football but also the rides. Yes, you and your family will get the opportunity to enjoy much when you hop into one of our rides.

  1. BBQ.

Watching a game can make anyone hungry. Who would not be? Thanks to the thrill, the shouting, the adrenalin rush that every one experience during the tournament. Every one will get to enjoy having a BBQ or two.

  1. Other fun-filled amenities and stuffs.

Not only that, there will be other stuffs everyone who joins and watches the tournament would love stuffs like tuckshop, ice cream, and much more. It will be a very awesome day to watch every game during the tournament.might-red

What are you waiting for? Do register your team and place an entry for the tournament before deadline comes. Or else, you will miss the opportunity of having an enjoyable, exciting and fun summer this year. Get on with your competitive gear and everybody on your team. For sure you want to win the coveted prize and honor of being the champion for the tournament.

 Do not wait for next year’s tournament. Now is the time to join. Send your entry before it is too late for Histon Hornets Tournament this summer. You will never regret that you did!

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