Get Ready For Histon Hornets Junior Football Tournament This Summer!

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DSC09492-870x400The heat is on as Histon Hornets Football Club opens its doors for teams who want to join the tournament. Yes, that is right! This will be a great thing to join for both boys and girls who want to have a fun-filled summer, meet other players, and sweat it all out to win the game.

Last year, there were a total of 150 teams who came to participate for the tournament. It was noted that quite a number of age groups became full right after the entry was opened. It is advised that those who want submit their entries this year to do it as early as now in order to land a spot for your team.

For this year’s tournament, it will be held on July 12, 2015 (Sunday). The age group boys will be between U7s up to U13. As for the girls, age group will be around U7 to U14. The closing date for Histon Hornets Tournament will be on the 31st of May.

Here are some things you need to know with regard to the tournament and what comes along with it:

  1. Prizes and trophies will be all yours.SpartakU10JUN11SpartakTourHiRes1

You can be assured that with our tournament whatever your team gets as a prize for winning will be all yours. You will be able to keep the prize or trophy all for your team. That is a guaranteed!

  1. Raffles.

Aside from different teams playing junior football during the tournament, there will be raffles well. This is a great way of engaging the spectators (family and friends) making their time supporting a team worth the while.

  1. Rides.

Kids and the rest of the family will not only love junior football but also the rides. Yes, you and your family will get the opportunity to enjoy much when you hop into one of our rides.

  1. BBQ.

Watching a game can make anyone hungry. Who would not be? Thanks to the thrill, the shouting, the adrenalin rush that every one experience during the tournament. Every one will get to enjoy having a BBQ or two.

  1. Other fun-filled amenities and stuffs.

Not only that, there will be other stuffs everyone who joins and watches the tournament would love stuffs like tuckshop, ice cream, and much more. It will be a very awesome day to watch every game during the tournament.might-red

What are you waiting for? Do register your team and place an entry for the tournament before deadline comes. Or else, you will miss the opportunity of having an enjoyable, exciting and fun summer this year. Get on with your competitive gear and everybody on your team. For sure you want to win the coveted prize and honor of being the champion for the tournament.

┬áDo not wait for next year’s tournament. Now is the time to join. Send your entry before it is too late for Histon Hornets Tournament this summer. You will never regret that you did!