Rules For an Effective Junior Football Team

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football-leaders-awardIt is imperative that teams of various sports games apply team discipline. It wouldn’t be an effective gameplay and losing the game is unavoidable if one player does not follow team rules. This is why there are people who prefer single sports than team sports because of their individuality. Nevertheless in junior football, what applies to the adult’s version of football will also apply with the youth. One of the biggest challenges and fears that every football coaches face is maintaining discipline amongst the team members. Below are just brief advises on how coaches should train their youthful football team on what maintaining discipline is all about.

PBWPIXThe most important above all is planning ahead. It is the ability of the coach to organise the players of the junior football team. For new coaches, you should observe first whether the practices of the players are done in an orderly manner. If this is the case in every practice, it is obvious that the players are serious and focused on the task given to them. It is also important that you guide the players through educational and meaningful training as this will motivate every player to keep focused on your plans, respect you and pay attention to you. Coaches also choose activities for their players, so to keep your team motivated, make sure to keep your drills “entertaining”. Keep the activity levels balanced – not too easy nor too difficult for them to follow. Make sure that the beginning practices gets leveled up gradually or it will sprain their body from the sudden change of drills. When you know the balance and keep the activities lively, it will make the players feel that their time practicing is well worth it. Competitive activities will also make them more motivated to play at their best.

Appropriate behavior should also be imposed on the players, but you should also tell what it is really considered to be appropriate behavior. As a coach, you will be able to tell how your players look like when they are playing in the field. Before you make any assumptions, make a few practice games a sense of how they play. You can immediately tell which players are behaving inappropriately or not abiding to the game. You have the right to step in for inappropriate behavior, but you must do so in a democratic way as you might lose the trust you built up on your team. You do not want to build fear amongst your team. It will be very challenging to deal with this situation since each of it varies. If punishment is required, letting them off from a game temporarily is acceptable, not with pushups or running in laps.coaches-hero

It is also an effective method to involve the parents of the junior football players when they are needed. Younger players need guidance from the parents and their support, as it will reinforce the discipline policies you have enforced. The parents of your young team members will greatly appreciate for enlisting their support for their children.